Myungsan Juhn

  • Social Infra Tech, Inc. CEO
  • KISA DeFi Research Report Editorial
  • Blockchain OS Singapore foreign correspondent
  • Blockchain OS CGO (Director)
  • Consulting on the Journalism Training Course for the Blockchain Diploma of the Press Foundation
  • Cyworld Music Service Strategy Planner
  • Head of Research at Cyworld R&D Research Institute
  • B.A. in Sociology at Seoul National University

Jonghyun Kim

Vice CEO
  • Social Infra Tech, Inc. R&D director
  • Blockchain OS CSO
  • Spaqus (online education company) service development director
  • Mnet music services global product development manager
  • Cyworld Music service global product development team leader
  • Master’s degree in MGMT Engineering at KAIST

Minhyo Bae

  • Social Infra Tech, Inc. CTO
  • Co-founder and technology director of Flaskon Co., Ltd.
  • Blockchain OS CTO (Director of Blockchain Development)
  • Blockchain Architect
  • 20 years of development experience (Game, Big Data, AI, learning machine, blockchain, etc.)


Hwoain Choi

  • Blockchain Evangelist
  • 4th Industrial Revolution Committee
  • Presidential Advisory Board on State Affairs
  • Advisory board member of the Block-chain Development Forum of the FSS
  • Member of the operation committee of Busan Blockchain Regulatory Free Zone
  • Blockchain Campus President

Daewoo Kwon

  • Professor of Hanyang University, Seoul
  • President of the Korean Regulatory Law Society
  • President of the Korean-German Society for Jurisprudence
  • Former President of the Korean Society of Consumer Studies