Hello, this is Team Protocon Network. On April 14, 2021, the long-awaited official website of the Protocon Network has been officially opened! The homepage consists of 8 pages including Home, Protocon, Mitum, Model, Apps, Roadmap, Team, and Community, so please feel free to use it. Each page is briefly introduced at home.

Visit the Protocon page to learn about the definition and background of Protocon and also the future direction of Protocon! The Mitum page covers a little deeper into the technical stories of Protocon. The Model page introduces various models built on Mitum, so please give a lot of interest. Finally, on the Apps page, you can see document Management dApp, Blocksign, and Survival Cooperative Defense RPG, Blockcity, which incorporates Minecraft into the blockchain. Don’t forget to visit Roadmap, Team and Community pages if you’re curious about the future schedule, team and community of Protocon Networks!