Protocon is a compound word of “Protocol” and “Economy” A blockchain platform that aims to build a protocol-based, self-operating digital economy


Protocon is a next-generation blockchain platform that provides safe, fast and economical blockchain technology beyond the technical shortcomings and limitations of the existing blockchain industry

Protocon Solution Plan



  • Industry-ready data processing performance
    ISAAC+ Consensus Protocol designed for large-scale data processing up to 5000tps
  • An environment that can continuously provide
    blockchain services at an affordable and stable level
    Providing predictable and constant fees by introduciing a standard price system
  • UI/UX that allows people to use blockchain services conveniently
    Mainnet transaction fees can be paid with the dApp token itself
  • An actionable environment that can safely handle a variety of digital data and ensures the authentic operation of protocols
    Safe and convenient development environment through ‘Contract Model’
  • Decentralized network in which the network operation rights are not attributed to a specific person or few
    Supports automatic node replacement by always checking whether the node is intact in the network live state