Hello. This is Team Protocon.

It is September, when the hot summer has passed and the weather has become very chilly due to the continuous rain.

We would like to thank our supporters for their support and expectations during the month of August, and we will always become Team Protocon that always shows progress. Here’s the updated news for August.


  1. Social Infra Tech, the main developer of Protocon, acquired a patent for blockchain-based automatic data review system technology

Social Infra Tech, the main developer of Protocon, acquired a patent for blockchain-based automatic data review system technology. This patent will be used as the core technology of ‘BlockSign’, a blockchain-based document verification and management application of Protocon.

You can find the details of the article at the link below.


Blockchain Valley

Naeil News

Tech World


  1. Protocon leader Myungsan Juhn, interviewed with ‘Blockchainus – August issue’

An interview with Protocon leader Myungsan Juhn was published in the monthly specialized block chain magazine ‘Blockchainus – August issue’.

In an interview, Myungsan Juhn showed his firm belief that ‘blockchain technology will automate the entire process of producing and processing information based on digital infrastructure.’  He also introduced Protocon’s Model, FeeFi, BlockSign, Blockcity, and more, saying that Protocon is creating meaningful results that can be used in everyday life rather than just difficult blockchain technology.

Articles related to this can be found on Blockchainus


  1. Inside Protocon series first episode release, <What is Blockchain Fee? & Why pay it?>

Protocon will be uploading ‘Inside Protocon’ series every month through Protocon’s official YouTube channel. The first episode of ‘Inside Protocon’, <Blockchain Fee, What is it?> (Feat. Leader Myungsan Juhn) has been released. In this series, we will have time to introduce in detail what FeeFi (Fee Financing) is, the core of Protocon. In the future, through Inside Protocon, the core members of Protocon will deliver useful information on various topics every time with content that deals in depth with the problems of the blockchain industry and solutions to Protocon.

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  1. Development status of Blockcity, a blockchain-based Minecraft game

Blockcity, a blockchain-based Minecraft game, is a game in which the player survives by defending against external attacks such as mutant monsters in a post-apocalyptic worldview after the destruction of human civilization. Blockcity plans to provide NFT with real estate certificates, items, game stats, etc. purchased by users in conjunction with digital data verification and management service, BlockSign.

<Development status of Blockcity>

  • Planning (80% Completed)

– Background Story concept work completed

– Game system concept planning completed

– Detailed data work in progress

  • Development (40% Completed)

– Monster AI work in progress (80%)

– In-game Mode(Gunsm monsters, etc.)) work in progress (70%)

– User interaction and NPC interaction work in progress(70%)

– Defense system work in progress

– Survival system work in progress

  • Design (60% Completed)

– Background map work has been completed, work is being prepared for structures for in-game content, etc.

– 30 types of monster tasks completed, more to be added

– 20 types of animals tasks completed

– Plant design work in progress (10%)

– Block texture design work in progress (10%)

– Animation work in progress(20%)

* The completeness percentage is a numerical expression of approximate progress and may differ from the actual development progress rate.

Blockcity, which is receiving the most attention from you, is scheduled to launch in the first half of 2022. Recently, the game development team has been smoothly preparing for a successful launch. News related to Blockcity will be delivered as soon as it is updated.


  1. Technical Update

2021.08.10: mitum update: Black3 hash support

2021.08.19: mitum update: duplicate proposal processing update

2021.08.19: update mitum-js-util, mitum-py-util: add block-sign operation

2021.08.26: mitum-currency update: support for adding new API endpoints

2021.08.27: mitum-currency update: digest/cmd function export

Currently, the development team of Protocon is continuously supplementing and updating the functions of Mitum. To find out more information on Mitum, please check the Mitum currency document(https://mitum-currency-doc.readthedocs.io/en/latest/docs/deploy.html) and Protocon github repository(https://github.com/ProtoconNet).


  1. mitum-currency Wallet Prototype Development Status

Currently, the Protocon development team is developing and testing a wallet prototype that implements the function to support multi currency and multi sig accounts of the mitum-currency model. The key features supported by the wallet are as follows.

  • Functions

– Support for creating btc, ether, stellar keypair

– Support creation of mitum-currency’s create-accounts, keyupdater, transfers operation

– Support for adding signature to operation 

– Support operation broadcast function