Hello, I’m Team Protocon.

It’s already August, where the hot heat wave is continuing day after day. 

We will deliver the events of Team Protocon that we’ve worked hard during July.


  1. Protocon & Yes Oppa Signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Strategic Alliance

Protocon announced through various media on July 1 that it has signed a strategic partnership agreement (MOU) with its travel platform “Yes Oppa” to explore various business opportunities related to blockchain technology.

Under the agreement, the two companies agreed to discuss mutual development relations such as cooperation in the development and spread of blockchain-based travel services, travel service app, use of Yes Oppa’s ProtoconNet ecosystem, and blockchain technology support.

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  1. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by Protocon & Hidden Pick  for Strategic Partnership

On July 7, a strategic partnership agreement ceremony was held with Protocon and NFT item trading platform ‘Hidden Pick’. 

According to the agreement, the two companies decided to actively cooperate on blockchain technology such as production and distribution of blockchain-based NFTs and cooperation related to ‘Hidden Pick’ NFT services. Myungsan Juhn, CEO of Protocon, said, “This collaboration will provide services that incorporate NFT in various fields such as games, sports, and art.”

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  1. Myungsan Juhn, CEO of Protocon gives a speech in World Blockchain Summit Marvels

The 12th World Blockchain Summit Marvels Busan 2021 was held at Nurimaru APEC House in Busan on the 7th.

The conference consisted of 1) Special Blockchain Regulatory Zone Busan: Vision and Issue, 2) Blockchain Business Model and Transaction Revolution, 3) NFT and Metabus, 4) Blockchain, The Next Step, 5) Humanistic Blockchain, 6) Democracy and Blockchain.

CEO of Protocon, Myungsan Juhn, gave a presentation on the future and prospects of blockchain under the theme of the fourth session, ‘Blockchain, The Next Step’. In addition, Hwoain Choi, the new advisor to Protocon, led the discussion by presiding over the third and fourth sessions.

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  1. Protocon CEO, Myungsan Juhn makes announcement at 2021 Summer Conference of the KOREA Finance ICT Convergence Association

In the third week of July, the Korea Financial ICT Convergence Association summer conference was held for two nights and three days. The conference held a heated debate between major figures from all walks of life and representatives of startup technology companies under the themes of the future of the next-generation blockchain industry, digital currency experiments and asset revolution, Internet banking/big tech industry expansion and financial big bank.

Protocon’s CEO, Myungsan Juhn, presented the future and prospects of blockchain applications in various fields under the theme of Session 3 – ‘The Future of the Virtual Industry Led by the Blockchain’ in the right direction of regulation and development of the virtual self industry.

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  1. CEO of Protocon Myungsan Juhn makes a speech at Blockmedia oriented ‘Digital Asset Education Webinar – Investment Strategy for the Second Half of the Year’

On July 23, the third webinar of the ‘Digital Asset Education’ series hosted by Block Media and Prometa Investment Institute was held. In his final speech, Myungsan Juhn, CEO of Protocon, participated in a brief overview to cover the overall contents of the Protocon, including FeeFi, which is the strength of the Protocon, BlockSign and Blockcity, which will serve as a showroom for the technology of the Protocon.

The webinar, which was able to check the market in the second half of the year in a top-down manner, from macroeconomic to individual coin investment strategies, can be viewed again through Blockmedia Youtube.


  1. Protocon’s first airdrop proceeded

Protocon hosted its first Airdrop event ever!

The first protocon airdrop, which provides PEN tokens worth 20,000 won to those who participated in the ‘Digital Asset Education Webinar – Investment Strategy in the second half’, was successfully completed with your interest and participation. 

PEN tokens were paid in batches today through Bytesmix app wallets, and once again, thank you for your support for Protocon.


  1. Protocon’s main developer, Social Infra Tech secures 10 cumulative patents on blockchain

Protocon’s main developer, Social Infra Tech, has secured 10 cumulative patents related to blockchain in six months since it obtained its first patent in February. 

The secured patent covers various methodologies that apply blockchain in real life, such as blockchain-based documentation and data authentication and processing logic, blockchain-based digital copyright management method, and technology to digital badge and share NFT on SNS. In addition, five out of 10 patents are related to NFT, and key technologies that make up patents are being applied to the BlockSign service, which is set to be officially released in August-September.

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  1. Technical Update

2021.07.29 : mitum, mitum-currency update : suffrage node discovery function added

2021.07.30 : mitum-data-blocksign v0.1.0 release : implementation of Mitum Model for BlockSign

Currently, the development team of Protocorn is continuously complementing and updating the Mitum functions. To find out more information on Mitum, please check Mitum currency document(https://mitum-currency-doc.readthedocs.io/en/latest/docs/deploy.html).