Blocksign and Blockcity applications are developed based on the Model of Mitum Blockchain and operated on the Protocon Network. Protocon Network's dApp is a 'Living Lab' that applies blockchain technology to actual services, as well as a 'Showroom' of technology that verifies the excellence of the MItum blockchain.


Blocksign is an application that utilizes the Mitum blockchainand provides a cloud service that can professionally store, manage, and distribute data.

BlockSign leverages the Mitum blockchain to help document creators and document recipients easily verify document original proof and authenticity. Through this, BlockSign provides a secure and efficient management of various digital data, including documents.

Technical Features

Organize and Archive

  • Digitize documents and store in the cloud
  • Provide a variety of search functions.


Prevent Forgery

  • Prevent forgery of all content in a document
  • Store hash value of document in blockchain


Safe Sharing

  • Provides encrypted sharing function
  • Secure document sharing


Notarize by Electronic Signature

  • E-signatures for various documents with stakeholders
  • Legal effect through E-signature


Verify Originality

  • Store all the history of documents on the blockchain
  • Verify the authenticity of the document


Blocksign Technical Plans


Blockcity is a blockchain-based Minecraft game.Using Minecraft, which has a global fandom, We plan to service Blockcity with blockchain technology.

Why Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox-type game that allows users to freely transform the game by developing various modes and plug-ins, and building an independent game server to enjoy various genres of games.

Technical Features

Voting System

Operate in-game point (Game money) system

Granting ownership of virtual land, real estate registration, and transaction history

Register or manage item ownership, copyright and transaction details

Manage game portfolio such as game history, level, experience value, etc.

Blockcity Technical Plans

Phase 1

Building Model House(Blockcity)

  • Develop various methods for applying blockchain to game data
  • Develop blockchain plug-ins and modes
Phase 2

General Game Data Platform

  • Provide game-specialized blockchain features
Phase 3

From Game to Reality

  • Applying various functions
    built in the game to reality

Application Convergence

Protocon Network provides a compatible environment between dApps.Records of real estate or item ownership and game stats purchased by users in Blockcity are documented and stored in Blocksign, and through this, we plan to provide game data sharing and verification.