Protocon is a compound word of “Protocol” and “Economy”; a blockchain project that aims to build a self-operated digital economy based on protocols.

ISAAC+, Protocon Networks’s core Consensus Protocol, is designed for large-scale data processing for use in the industry, and has secured versatility so that it can be used in any area that requires blockchain technology.


Currently, the imagination, will, and demand for blockchain technology are overflowing. However, the technology is not enough to meet those expectations.

A protocol economy in which promises and contracts between individuals and authorities that make up a community operate in a form that minimizes the intervention of intermediaries and agents. In other words, in order to build a protocol-based social system that works as agreed upon by the community, several things need to be supplemented.

Through this project, we are going to solve the problems that have long been suggested as ‘the tasks’ to be solved in the blockchain industry and ‘the needs’ for blockchain services.

Protocon Solution Plan



  • Industry-ready data processing performance
    ISAAC+ Consensus Protocol designed for large-scale data processing up to 5000tps
  • An environment that can continuously provide
    blockchain services at an affordable and stable level
    Provides a solution to the fee issues by controlling the volatility of fees
  • UI/UX that allows people to use blockchain services conveniently
    Feefi provides improved usability
  • An actionable environment that can safely handle a variety of digital data and ensures the authentic operation of protocols
    Provide a secure and convenient development method through the Model concept
  • Decentralized network in which the network operation rights are not attributed to a specific person or few
    The Non-consensus Node Group in PBFT guarantees the free participation of nodes and presents a robust decentralized network