Protocon builds an automated protocol economy
supported by a firm trust system.

Protocon's ISAAC+ CONSENSUS PROTOCOL maximizes the advantages of PBFT,
such as speed, efficiency, and economy, to ensure optimal network stability.

  • Fast data processing speed

    Protocon provides up to 5,000 tps.

  • Reasonable transaction fees

    A constant and sustainable fee system based on 'base price fee'.

  • Ready to use capability for businesses

    Contract Model allows developers to build dApp services easily and quickly.

  • Stable node environment

    The integrity of the node is always checked to ensure the stability of the node in the live network state.

Optimized for building Decentralized apps

Various Decentralized App services can be developed using Protocon's 'Contract Model'.
Because the model modulates the blockchain function into a framework,
Blockchain application services can be developed and deployed more easily, quickly and safely.

  • Reasonable
    Contract Fees
  • Multiple operating
    model capabilities
  • Optimal freedom of
  • Stable
    update environment

Start staking on Protocon and get rewards.

Deposit PEN to provide liquidity and get rewards.
Depending on the pool, various dApp tokens can be obtained as rewards.

Key Benefits of PEN Staking

1. Acquisition of initial participation rights
for Protocon-based app services

2. Participate in Governance and
obtain voting rights

3. Acquire PEN premium rights

4. Contribute to the construction of the
Protocon ecosystem

Protocon Ecosystem

The best partners are building an ecosystem with Protocon.

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